cross-screen marketing solutions

Cross-screen marketing solutions

Windows 10. Wait, what?

Windows 10. Wait, what?

Not content to simply move on from Windows 8 Microsoft are really making a point of their progress by skipping a number and jumping ahead to version 10 of their operating system.

Let’s get the cynicism over and done with and say that they maybe did it to improve their perception amongst the less informed. That by jumping to 10 they might convince people that twice as much progress has been made since Windows 8 than one might ... Read more

Through the pear shaped Windows

Through the pear shaped Windows

Later today we’re going to get a first official look at what is coming next from the Windows team at Microsoft. I’m very excited.

I like Windows 8 a lot but it seems that the internet at large (who I wildly stereotype as iPhone inserting hipsters) do like to throw a lot of hate at it.

“Where’s my start button?” they wail, as if they really liked it in the first place.

“I hate this ... Read more

The Time to Windowsify Apps is Here, But Where Start?

Consumer adoption of Windows Phone and Windows 8 is increasing at a phenomenal rate and no doubt it’s already on your agenda to develop apps for these platforms.

The Opportunity
You don’t need to be a mathematical genius to work out the immediate increase in downloads, turnover or consumer-interaction you will gain from introducing your Windows Apps:

Windows 8 / 8.1 has a combined 10.68% of this global OS market, including all Windows tablets. It has achieved this in under ... Read more

Your Cross-Screen Marketing Strategy MUST Include Windows Phone

There is no denying the success Microsoft is seeing since the launch of Windows Phone 8 a year ago.  With c.14% penetration in Italy, c. 11% in France and 11.4% in UK (compared to 4.4% in 2012) [Kantar], similar growth percentages throughout Europe and now a global Smartphone market share of 4% [IDC], Microsoft’s Operating System is a very serious contender.

Wapple Experts Comment on ‘Augmented Reality Trumps QR Codes’

Yesterday I was reading Mobile Marketer and came across this article suggesting that “Augmented Reality Trumps QR Codes”.

Though I remain confused by the choice of title, it was a good read because the subject is close to our hearts at Wapple and so relevant to the many brands we support, including Covergirl for whom we created the print-to-mobile mechanism studied in the article, amongst other mobile marketing solutions.

Covergirl QR Code campaign

Clearly (and maybe even more so after reading ... Read more

Wapple Team in the Hot Seat: Dan Matthew

Dan couldn’t escape the hot seat! Dan is one of our “Tall, dark, handsome” account managers (his own words). Let’s see what else he has to say…

How long have you worked for Wapple? Where did you work previously? 

I’ve been with the team for 3 and half years now – my first job fresh out of university. Although I did earn some pocket money tending the bar at weddings between handing in my dissertation and starting at the company.

Tell us about ... Read more

Twitter is mobile-first so you HAVE to be!

Being a Mobile company we love Mobile infographics. Twitter released a new one in February 2013 sharing some great insights into Twitter  in the Mobile space.

Over 80% of UK users access Twitter via their mobile devices and are 40% more likely to use it more than once a day than desktop users.

Twitter has also released it’s own #music app further fuelling it’s mobile presence. Twitter #music is not just another music application though. The app syncs all the tracks being listened by ... Read more

Wapple Team in the Hot Seat: Ted Moyses

Next up in the Hot Seat is one of our fantastic Developers- Ted Moyses. Answers at the ready!

How long have you worked for Wapple? Where did you work previously?
Just over one year, previously I was the developer for one of the largest privately owned datacentres in the UK, developing the customer self-service portal and internal systems.

Tell us about your day-to-day job. What does your job role involve?
My day-to-day job involves solving problems and implementing solutions for clients based on designs ... Read more

Mobile Banking is hotting up

Recent findings from FICO show that by 2017 1 billion people will be using mobile banking. At the moment it’s the consumer who is leading the mobile banking revolution. Will the banks be catching up to the demand?


Mobile Banking Revolution infographic


Here are a few of the stats:

Currently 20.4% of people bank via their mobile device – an increase of 10.7% since 2010.
58% of people would like to use mobile banking
67% of UK banks predict that all of ... Read more

AppBeat: Antithesis of Customer Loyalty

AppBeat are back with another guest post. The arrival of mobile has significantly changed how consumers interact with brands-and introduced some worrisome trends. In this week’s episode of AppBeat, Phil Gault, Director of Strategy at Sponge Group, discusses why consumer experience on mobile’s essential, as well as its role in keeping consumer loyalty. Make sure you subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on Twitter.

Here is their latest video update:

“Antithesis of Customer Loyalty”







As always we invite you to share you insights ... Read more