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WAPL Plugin is Good for the Django Community

Whilst I’ve already written a WAPL plugin and article for the CakePHP framework, there are plenty of other frameworks that are crying out to have WAPL plugins written for them.

So I was really pleased that developer stevena0 has written one for the Django framework.

If you’re using Django and want a mobile version of your application you’ve now got a great tool to do it – to find out more and also how to use the plugin, take ... Read more

Intro to Architect Mobile Web Development

For as long as I can remember, developing for mobile has been an absolute nightmare. To start with, there are thousands of unique handsets on thousands of operators with different browsers, firmware and capabilities. There are hundreds of different screensizes and resolutions to take care of, flash and java issues, CSS support (or lack of it) and markup languages galore. You’re not going to be able to deliver a great user experience if you can’t optimize to each and every ... Read more