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Importance of Single Domains for Web and Mobile

Fact: People are accessing your website URL on their mobile phone!

The latest stats suggest that 5% of traffic to websites now get hit by mobile browsers, even if you promote a separate URL for mobile web.

What do you want them to see? The actual website that takes 20 minutes to load and scrolls to about 10 times the width and height of the mobile? Not likely. They’ll want to see a mobile specific version, running off that single domain, perfectly ... Read more

You Can Have Your Cake and Mobilize It

I mentioned in a previous post that I’d written an article on the cake bakery about how to mobilize an existing website or application by just downloading the code, signing up for a dev key and following the instructions.

But whilst my plugin works perfectly, it’s missing a helper to actually build the WAPL for you. So I was really impressed when I saw that Gordon Pettey had written his own article on the bakery using mine for a bit of ... Read more

Mobilizing Wapple Website

Last week something exciting happened inside the colourful walls of Wapple – the latest version of the mobile site was launched. Below are the obligatory before and after screenshots and at first glance you’ll probably notice that they look pretty similar. However, all is not as it seems because underneath the bonnet – everything has changed.

Built with Canvas

Built with Architect