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The iPhone Debate Gets Even Hotter!

Konny Zsigo of the MDA recently posted an insightful article into the ‘to iPhone or not to iPhone debate.

It seems to have attracted a lot of flames. Blimey! Time for Mobile Web Junkie to dive in…

Read the  article. It’s great.

If you’re trying to make money, dump your iPhone strategy

Then the comments but in case you feel too much pain before you get as far as my comment, here it is, just for you:

Wow, what a lot of hate in ... Read more

PHP Classes Package Now Available

Building your mobile friendly website is getting easier each day.

We’ve already released plugins and components for a number of different applications – CakePHP, Joomla and WordPress to name a few.

But what happens if you’re not running one of these apps but still need a mobile friendly website? If you don’t have the time or patience to write the mobile tools yourself using WAPL our latest offering might be just what you’ve been looking for!

WordPress Mobile Plugin Version 1.2

Today marks another significant milestone in the evolution of the Wapple Architect mobile plugin for WordPress – version 1.2 has been released into the wild!

There’s been some great feedback from version 1.1 as well as a whole load of suggestions and feature requests and I’ve tried to implement as many of them as I can.

Jakob Nielsen Catches the Mobile Web Wave

Thanks to Jakob Neilson, the world is suddenly waking up to the idea that to make the web useable on mobiles you have to make the web for mobiles.

We’ve been saying this for years and I wonder what took Jakob so long to discover the mobile web anyway? Maybe he was on a really long phone contract and only just got an upgrade. Or maybe his handset was so cluttered he only just found the browser.

Either way, he’s on board ... Read more

Google Android – back to the days before CSS

HTC Magic

Stop Press: The Google Android phone doesn’t support CSS.

Or so the UAProf supplied by HTC for the G1 would have you believe. We’ve got one in the office and have recently updated its browser software. Only the new user agent profile (an XML file detailing the phone capabilities) now says that it doesn’t support CSS.

The good news for users of Wapple is that the device profiling system at its heart knows that vendors sometimes make mistakes and takes ... Read more

IE6 Must Die, Mobile Browsers Must Live

IE6 Must Die is a trending topic on Twitter right now. The world is demanding that IE6 support is dropped, effectively forcing the hand of anyone still using the browser and hopefully freeing the internet from the hell that is substandard browser support.

Designing and Developing for Mobile Web

Mobile Internet is a tricky platform to develop for unless you use the right tools and have the lowdown on what works and what doesn’t.

As there are so many different devices out there in the worldwide marketplace any developer will meet a number of challenges. This mainly concern varying screen sizes, a number of markup languages and device inconsistencies and capabilities.

Obviously, developing mobile internet applications that work across the widest range of devices should be paramount to any serious developer ... Read more – You Can’t Handle The Truth!

We received the following comment from Jeff Miller on the ‘removing scrollbars‘ article.

“Your site doesnt even show up on any mobile phone, other than maybe an iphone. But doing a test on your site it show up very bad on other phones which most of the world use. it only scores a 3/5 on and its very hard to navigate on phones. Obviously you are not the mobile web junkie but the wapple (wurfl rip off hosting solution) for ... Read more

Removing Problems with Scrollbars on Mobile Browsers

Scrollbars are a pain on web and they are even more of a pain on mobile.

If you’ve ever had to develop a website that does anything imaginative with it’s width then you will have encountered the inclusive / exclusive discrepancy amongst browsers. For example, should your page length exceed the vertical size of a browser window, a vertical scrollbar appears – trouble is some browsers feel the need to subtract the width of the scrollbar from the width of the ... Read more