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Summer Styling

You might have noticed, but Wapple Canvas has had a makeover just in time for summer.

Everything has had an update looks wise, we’ve improved some JavaScipt (new date picker, new colour picker) and we’ve even added a check on every page so if you’ve made changes, it’ll ask you if you want to navigate away.

Canvas Help

We’ve made some big changes to our help system inside of Wapple Canvas.

Whenever you’re on a page or chunk inside of Canvas and you look at the help associated with it (it’s in the left hand menu), you now get a help window appear with your help inside it. No more having to browse to a different page, it’s all on the same page.

New features in Wapple Canvas

We’ve been busy recently and have added a ton of new features into Wapple Canvas.

Some are updates to existing functionality, some are completely new. All of them are exciting and greatly improve your mobile browsing experience!

Questionnaire & Quiz Chunks for Canvas

What would be a great addition to Wapple Canvas?

Reporting for Quizzes

A new chunk – Questionnaires, that allows question grouping and question numbering

Integration for both with Wapple forms so you get an optimized user experience.

All of the above

The form above is fake. But luckily for you, the correct answer is “All of the above”!

Graphic Wallpaper Chunk for Canvas

We’ve made it even easier in Wapple Canvas to deliver your uploaded graphics as downloadable wallpapers.

Upload a source graphic, create a Graphic Wallpaper chunk on your page, and configure it how you want – your users will be able to view and download a perfectly sized wallpaper to their handset. And that’s every handset with any screensize!

Head over to Wapple Canvas, log in, and start uploading your wallpapers to check it out!

Wapple Canvas Video Link Chunk

If you have a video uploaded to any of the likes of YouTube or Vimeo, we’ve written a new chunk for Wapple Canvas that will allow you to show it to the whole mobile world.

It’s called the Video Link chunk – login in Canvas and add one to a page to see it in action!

If it’s a YouTube video you want to show, a thumbnail is generated automatically, but for other video sharing websites, you can specify the location for ... Read more

Graphic Chunk – new feature

We’re always looking for ways to improve our existing functionality inside of Wapple Canvas. We develop plenty of new stuff, but it’s always good to upgrade older features to keep them up to date.

Inside of Canvas, the graphic chunk functionality used to rely on the fact that you’d uploaded a graphic before telling our mobile rendering engine what size you wanted to display it.