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Microsoft Tag added to Wapple

If you’ve been using Wapple’s technology for a while, you’ll know that we’ve long had support for 2D barcodes and QR codes.

But we’ve recently integrated with Microsoft to produce another, more visually rich alternative – Microsoft Tag.

Location Based Services with Wapple Canvas

Wapple Canvas has just made it easier for you to find things on the mobile internet!

Store locators, POI locators, Location Lookups – call them what you want – we’ve integrated them into Canvas so you can have location based services built into your mobile site.

Wapple Canvas Sitemap Chunk

Following hot on the heels of our efforts with URLs for Wapple Canvas powered mobile sites, we’ve created another chunk that should help you SEO your sites to the max.

We’ve created a Sitemap chunk, which displays links to all pages on your site, alphabetically, with nice URLs (if you have it turned on).

Tidy URLs for Wapple Canvas Powered Mobile Sites

Previously on Wapple Canvas powered mobile sites, URLs weren’t the prettiest or most SEO friendly they could be.

Sure, you could insert text at the start of the URL and create a shortcode to identify your site, but essentially, everything was managed and displayed with pretty ugly looking variables.

But that has all changed.

We’ve introduced a new feature into Wapple Canvas called Tidy URLs that allow you to configure, at a page level, the URL that page will have.