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Improved Image Processing with Wapple Canvas

We’ve been busy at Wapple Towers lately – creating a new image processor that make your Canvas powered sites look even better, allowing you to retain your brand that much more impressively!

We now take advantage of mobile handsets browser capabilities – if they support transparent PNGs, and you’ve uploaded one, we deliver it. And we’ve increased the quality of images that are delivered too, so if you have a good quality PNG at around 1000px wide, you’ll get some stunning ... Read more

Integrating Wapple Architect and Wapple Canvas

Ever since we first created Wapple Architect, you could use it to integrate with Wapple Canvas features. In fact, loading a menu built with Canvas onto an Architect site was one of the first operations we ever performed with our fledging new mobile markup language.

But as we’ve improved the Architect schema, one area of documentation we’ve sadly neglected was telling you how to use these advanced Canvas features in your WAPL.

Wapple’s Dynamic Activation and Suppression Rules

Ever since Wapple Canvas was created, there have been rules.

Rules to check if videos are supported, rules to check for active campaigns, rules to check for specific screen sizes.

Of course we have hundreds of others, but something missing from all of them was the ability to have customizable rules to specify your own test criteria.

Bing Maps with Wapple

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the list of chunks available in Wapple Canvas, you’ll have noticed a new one pop up today – the Bing Map Chunk.

What we’ve done is integrate Bing Maps into Wapple Canvas and Wapple Architect, so you can easily create great looking maps, with plenty of options that always works on mobile.