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More dynamic rules..

As we’ve talked about previously, we have some awesome dynamic activation and suppression rules.

They allow you to tailor chunks of functionality so they only appear on specific versions of a particular mobile operating system – and up to now, we only enabled it for the BlackBerry OS.

We promised that there would be more, and indeed there are! We have added the following operating system rules:

iPhone OS
Web OS
Windows Mobile

In addition, we’ve added a dynamic rule to test for the vendor ... Read more

Phonecall chunk with International dialling

Previously, with the phonecall chunk, you’ve not been able to specify an overseas number – or rather you have, but no-one from overseas can dial it.

You now have an option in Wapple Canvas, and an element in WAPL that allows you to specify a +, or 00, or whatever your international dialling prefix is. It’s labelled up as “International Prefix” in Canvas, and it’s <prefix> in WAPL Read about how to use it with your own scripts here, but for ... Read more