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Multi Language WordPress Mobile Admin

Got a blog not written in English? Want to manage it from your mobile?

When we built WordPress Mobile Admin, we knew that there would be bloggers from all over the world wanting to use it. And because WordPress is multi-lingual, our plugin had to be as well. It made little sense to hard code all the labels and values in English, when someone might want to edit their blog in French, Italian, or Japanese!

These are flags of ... Read more

Got a lot of text? Paginate it!

Got a lot of text? Paginate it!

If you want to split a text chunk over a number of pages, just include [/pagebreak] in the body of your text and pagination links will split the text over multiple pages. Simples.

You can even control the text of the pagination links in the labels page of Canvas.

Upload many site graphics quickly in Canvas – just zip ‘em!

Uploading graphics to your site is pretty easy, but if you’ve got a lot to add then it can be quite time consuming. To make things a little easier we’ve added the ability to upload a zipped collection of images and have them automatically added you your site as individual site graphics.

Just zip up your graphics and upload that file where you would normally upload an image file. Once uploaded, the zip file will be unpacked and each image will ... Read more