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Input image submit buttons

If you’ve ever tried to design a nice submit button for your mobile site, you’ll know what a pain it is.

One option is to design it with CSS – add a border here, a background there, and you’ll get something that looks a little bit like a button. Take advantage of some CSS3 features such as border-radius and maybe a gradient background and you can come up with something really nice.

But what happens on phones that don’t handle CSS3 (or ... Read more

404 pages on Canvas powered mobile sites

We’ve added a great new little feature into Wapple Canvas recently – the ability to design and create a page in your site, and assign it as a 404.

So if someone hits your site but ends up on a URL they shouldn’t, you can now create a handy 404 page that might have links to your sitemap (or even a Sitemap chunk on it), a link to the home page, or anything you want.

You can edit your 404 page exactly ... Read more