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The mobile web is primed to take over apps

Some would say it was less than three years ago in mid-2008 when Apple launched its app store on iPhone that use of the mobile internet finally took off. Others would say that it was Apple’s web browser that changed the game, not the app store, a move that was quickly challenged by Android.

Either way, there had been many false dawns before, not least the expectations raised by mobile operators who overplayed the speed of the mobile internet. But throw ... Read more

New chunk from Wapple: Shops

Today sees the addition of an exciting new chunk to Wapple Canvas – the shop chunk.

For anyone wanting to display a listing of their products, be it either a one off list, or a list of categories, or a list of items inside a category – it’s all now possible.

You’ve got a load of options to play with:- display thumbnails next to product titles; upload separate thumbnails for each category; options for pagination and of course as with everything ... Read more