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WANTED! For crimes against mobile operating systems…

Today one of Wapple’s community members posted a link on our forums to this article and asked for thoughts on it.  The title of the article is “Who cares about anything except iOS and Android?”.

Well, I care deeply and I imagine you do too. I care for EVERY mobile OS and ALL the many thousands of mobile devices that run on them and therefore I was compelled to read.  To my shock I discovered that the individual who asked the question ... Read more

Mobile web drives customers to car purchases

Every week eBay sells more than 2,000 cars on mobile web as customers increasingly use their mobiles to buy a new car. This trend underscores why it is vital for all manufacturers, dealers and classified ad companies to have mobile-optimised websites.

Some are more ahead of the curve than others. In its recent campaign for its new S60 car, VW used the AdMob platform to target smartphone owners with banners ads and interactive video ads. Here at Wapple we have built ... Read more

Unilever is a mobile brand!

Last week brand giant Unilever announced at an industry event that it intends to use mobile as its primary marketing channel within the next decade and is using a number of ideas to increase its (mobile) user base.

While the company’s recent oversight on it’s I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter mobile campaign shows how even the most mobile savvy brands can make a false step, its new campaign for Lynx Stream is more sure-footed.

Customers who download and use the mobile ... Read more

The FT’s Strategy to Focus on Mobile Web

Traditional print media in the UK is in supposed turmoil hence major publishers efforts to achieve the most profitable digital strategy. The Times using a paywall for content, The Guardian describing itself as a ‘digital-first’ organisation and now the Financial Times eschewing Apple’s App Store for a browser-based mobile web application.

The FT has always led the way towards subscription albeit across the largest customer base possible offering a mixture of free and premium content. Its early subscription models have proved ... Read more

Last-minute shopping is a big hit for mobile

Yesterday, fathers were regaled by their children as Father’s Day was celebrated. For many of these children it was only at the last minute that they managed to buy presents for their beloved and increasingly they are using the mobile phone to do so. This has implications not only for customers, but how brands need to provide services to them.

Google recently released figures showing mobile web traffic after Mother’s Day this year (May 9th). Not only did mobile search queries ... Read more

Churning Better Mobile Campaigns

We couldn’t believe this when we read it but it underscores how essential it is for a mobile strategy to be fully integrated. All elements of a mobile marketing campaign have to be aligned for brand effectiveness across this medium.

Earlier this month the Mobile Marketer exposed Unilever as “missing the mark” on a mobile ad campaign for ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’. The brand had invested significant ad spend on a mobile banner campaign which sent the consumer ... Read more

Google says 79% of its largest ad customers do not have a mobile-optimised site

Google has just conducted a study looking into the post-click experience for its biggest advertisers in mobile. Astonishingly, the company found that only 21% of these huge advertisers had a mobile-optimised web presence.

That’s millions and millions of page views and ad spend without any respect for the mobile user. Google used 200 diagnostic points to measure each advertiser’s mobile readiness, with criteria such as load time, device detection and mobile optimisation, so this was no lazy PR exercise.

With at least ... Read more