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Summer holiday mobile marketing campaigns must be thought out, not rained off

As the end of July approaches and thoughts turn to lazy afternoons spent lolling in the sun reading books that haven’t been touched all year, this may not be the most propitious time to be thinking about mobile campaigns. But ignoring them could be a big mistake and brands may rue the missed opportunity.

Why bother with a mobile campaign during the Summer Holidays? There’s no point. Nobody will be engaged. Everybody will be switched off. But that’s where you’d be ... Read more

The Death of Symbian is Another New and Exciting Start for Nokia

Yesterday Nokia announced its figures for the last quarters and they were truly shocking, a loss of 368 million Euros. The contagion seems to be spreading from its Western markets to the East with China and India both on the slide.

It’s hard to see any short-term prospects for the company as its new CEO, Stephen Elop grapples with the charred timber of the ‘burning deck’ he so memorably described earlier this year.

But of course Elop only refers to its Symbian ... Read more

Mobile advertising hits the (massive) tipping point

These are heady days for advertising. Mobile ad network Mojiva has more than 100 milllion monthly unique users in the US and more than 400 million monthly unique users globally. It also represents 3,000 mobile web publishers and last week the company announced the closing of a $25 million Series C funding round.

The news of Mojiva’s funding was closely followed by the release of Google’s second-quarter earnings that rolled in at more than $9 billion, more than 32% up on ... Read more

Mobile Payments Make Money (and sense) for Brands

The market for mobile payments has undergone extraordinary growth over the past 12 months and mobile analysts G+ expect this market to be worth a whopping $670 billion by 2015.

Google Wallet, American Express Serve, Mastercard Paypass, Visa Wallet and Isis, a mobile payment based on the near-field communication platform, have all being launched to service this market, and while industry insiders expect near-field communication (NFC) to become the dominant platform over the next three years, it is brands that ... Read more

QR codes are for life, not just for show

The ubiquity of QR codes as a marketing tool for instant connectivity between customers and brands should mean that this form of marketing has hit critical mass, but customer experience still falls short of what should be achieved.

When QR codes are created, they are for life, not just for show. They are not dynamic, they cannot change, they are static so they have to be scalable on inception and created with the long tail in mind. Also, brands should think ... Read more

Google Amplify the Mobile Friendly Message with ‘Mobilize’

Google has become very active in the mobile space recently, not least because it is unearthing data that shows consumers are using their mobiles to buy products. This is a sector that is vital for Google in terms of advertising numbers but the Company recently reflected that 79% of its largest advertisers are not mobile friendly.

Consequently, it was no surprise to see the company last week launch ‘Google Sites Mobile Landing Pages’, aka Google Mobilize, a new tool to help ... Read more