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The generation and use of QR codes

The use of QR codes has grown considerably in recent times. Here at Wapple we are often asked questions regarding their use and specification.

Regarding size, it is obviously important that a user is able to easily snap the code from their smart-phone. The size that you want to have the QR code at is going to be a function of a couple of variables.

Firstly, how close the consumer can get to the code (if it’s on a wall 30ft ... Read more

Mobile Web Killed the Text Messaging Star

Last year the US (wireless) mobile industry brought in around $9 billion in revenue for operators and content providers. This seems like a colossal number, but according to the CTIA mobile trade association, this number is falling, and falling dramatically.

The number of texts sent per US subscriber actually fell in the first quarter as smartphone penetration increased and access to the mobile web proliferated. Users now seem to prefer applications such as WhatsApp and BBM to interact with their peers, ... Read more

Google’s Motorola acquisition is a sea-change that will make waves….for Nokia

On Monday this week Nokia’s share price went up 7% in one day. Was this because of a new range of smartphones? Was it increased take-up of Windows Mobile 7? No, it was because Google announced it planned to acquire US handset maker Motorola for $12.5 (£7.7) billion.

We have previously commented about the death of Symbian- may,ironically, give a boost to Nokia’s future, but is the spike in the company’s share price a blip or a sea-change in the handset ... Read more


Do you think Argos would do as much online business if instead of running a website they required you to download a OS-dependent application to your desktop? Of course not. That’s because eddicated apps are a solitary novelty while a mobile website is all about evergreen functionality.

In-store payment on mobiles is simply not here yet. Maybe one day but have you even performed a contactless technology transaction with your new fangled credit card yet? No? Me neither. So based on ... Read more

OPINION: The time has come for the mobile web, says Wapple

Brands and developers that don’t optimise sites for mobile are failing their customers, writes Wapple COO Anne Thomas…

These are heady days for the mobile web. After any number of false dawns, it would appear that its time has finally come.

While it is difficult to pinpoint any particular tipping point for the channel, the combination of smartphone penetration, fixed-rate data plans and sufficient bandwidth means that customers now regard the web on their mobile device as essential as the web on ... Read more