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Jakob Nielsen Catches the Second Mobile Friendly Wave…

We have long been proponents of sophisticated usability for the mobile web and for many 2011 has been the year where that usability experience finally seems to have hit the tipping point. We still think there is some way to go.

Even our old friend Jakob Nielsen who we wrote about two years ago has updated his 2009 report and agrees with us. In his report he notes that in two years the usability experience has only improved by 3% on ... Read more

Google Wallet is just another till in an already open store

After four months of testing Google Wallet was finally launched this week, the latest in a raft of mobile payment ‘solutions’ that show ‘tap-to-pay’ is (probably) here to stay.

For now, Google Wallet can only be accessed to a chosen group of people and it has very few retail partners, but that didn’t stop a welter of media coverage reporting on what we believe to be only a symbolic move on the part of Google.

For the lucky few, Google ... Read more

Marketing is King, but Mobile Marketing is King Kong

The adage goes that content is king, but distribution is King Kong, but it is increasingly mobile marketing that stands out as the behemoth of marketing. While we are certainly not saying that marketing is run by giant apes, it is an analogy that is increasingly relevant.

According to a recent report from InsightExpress, mobile marketing is now more effective in raising ‘unaided awareness’ than print, TV and online marketing combined (Mobile Marketer). This is a big claim as many brands ... Read more