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Responding to responsive design and why it fails for mobile

Over-simply put; responsive web design takes one design and responds to varying screen sizes to present the same content across multiple platforms in a layout suited to individual devices. The appeal is obvious; one site that responds to whatever screen size is presented and reshuffles content, size and layout based on this. In short, brands can finally overcome a complex problem with a simple fix, one site and one set of content for all their consumers regardless of which device ... Read more

5 Steps to Increasing the Effectiveness of Click-to-Call Advertising

One of the most exciting aspects of developing for mobile is the extra interfaces and technologies that we have access to. Rather than a user enter their location postcode, we can have the device relay to us its coordinates based on either cell network triangulation or GPS. Instead of a visitor writing down a telephone number, we can make the experience frictionless by including a button that initiates a call.

We have built thousands of sites that implement this technique, and ... Read more