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Print Inactivity to Mobile Interactivity

Since desktop content became widespread, publishers have struggled with their identities and where to pitch themselves in a digital world.

At last weeks IAB, Mary Beth Christie, online product management director for, revealed that the newspaper market has shrunk 43 per cent since 2000, and that last year the losses in print outpaced gains in digital revenue by a ratio of 10:1.

The Guardian embrace digital and supplement their print product with desktop, tablet, and mobile applications, native and web. These ... Read more

Don’t Let Your iPads for Sales Investment Go to Waste

With huge names like Mercedez Benz and General Mills jumping on the iPads-for-enterprise bandwagon, it’s clear the device has huge potential for upping the outside sales game.

Unfortunately, too many companies assume just making the purchase is enough. In fact a recent study reported more than half of companies interested in buying iPads for sales have articulated a clear adoption strategy.

“We talk to companies all the time where they literally purchased iPads for their team with no idea of what ... Read more

The Bootstrappers Guide to the Mobile Web

I was delighted to receive my own copy this morning of The Bootstrappers Guide to the Mobile Web, a  new guidebook sharing practical plans to easily, effectively and inexpensively get your business mobile in a matter of days.

The author Deltina Hay is a veteran Web developer, publisher, and a pioneer of social media, Web 2.0, and the Mobile Web with a particular penchant for how these apply to small business and the publishing industry.

Deltina highlights are regular mantra of the ... Read more

Carnival of the Mobilists #272

Welcome to Wapple’s first host blog for the Carnival of Mobilists, celebrating the best of mobile blogging.

The mobile industry is evolving rapidly and the carnival offers an opportunity to celebrate what’s great, new or in need of addressing on the mobile landscape. So I’m delighted to curate this weeks carnival, and have a wide variety of pieces to share with you this week.

By far and away our favourite was Troy Brown’s guest column on Mobile Groove: 4G, Location & ... Read more