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2013: Happy New Strategy!


It’s still officially the New Year but at that interesting point within it where the world has accepted the passing of revelry and gets its head down to focus on what it planned for the coming 12 months.

So how does that apply here at Wapple?  Well it’s an exciting one as far as we are concerned.  Last year we spent a little time reflecting on the market and consumer behaviour and have a clear vision of how it’s all going to change over the coming 2 years.  But we’d also been doing a little self-reflection and I don’t mind one bit sharing this with you now.

Happy New Strategy

Happy New Strategy

Wapple will be 9 years old in May and its founders have been eating, drinking and sleeping mobile since the dawn of WAP, but, despite putting ourselves in the ‘powering the mobile web’ box we’re a lot more than that!  YES we deliver superior, patented, technology that produces world-class mobile web experiences and yes that is invaluable to some of our clients.  BUT we’re also greatly appreciated for our knowledge, our customer care and the solutions we provide across multiple screens, yes, multiple (mobiles, tablets, laptops, consoles…)!

As a result of our commitment to mobile we’re amongst the few on this planet who really GET how the consumer behaves across the many screens they engage – to quote our dear CEO “it’s the consumer who is mobile, not the device”.  We bring this knowledge to the creative table of our clients and the whole lot of us at Wapple are privileged to provide reality-checked, streamlined, quality services to business and brands who take their mobile strategy seriously.  On the downside it means that we’re often found repeatedly banging our heads on the desk when we see others doing it wrong or spending more than they budgeted just to get a single app launched to then realise they have no money left for consumer engagement.

We are able to work with our clients on a proactive, forward-thinking, strategy that fits them properly, rather than a ‘me-too-jumping-on-the-bandwagon’ one.  We’re not pro-mobileweb, nor pro-app, nor pro-tablet; we’re PRO-BRAND!

So, in 2013 we are introducing fresh, new, branding and we’re getting rid of the ‘powering the mobile web’ misconception.  We’ll be launching new products that not only deliver mobile experiences, but all the social, commerce and analytical trimmings that make them a success. At the same time though we are removing our free products lest we get confused with one of those cheap and dirty transcoding solutions out there.  Most importantly we have a clear picture of how the market will evolve over the coming years and our plan is to support businesses and brands through this most important evolution.


Here’s wishing you a very Happy New Strategy too!