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84% have trouble completing mobile transactions

Last week I blogged about my experience of trying to do my Christmas shopping on the mobile web and how disappointing the experience was. Eventually I gave up after an hour of unhelpful landing pages and disappointing performance.

Whether or not this was because I’ve been involved in the business for many years and my expectations are guided by Wapple’s proficiency in this field, a recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive shows that I’m far from alone in this area.

According to the company, a whopping 84% of respondents have had trouble with completing mobile transactions with a further 43% saying that a negative experience would force them to abandon the transaction with nearly a fifth saying they would be more likely to buy from a competitor because of this.

This is real world data that completely replicates my recent experience. While this figure of 84% is undoubtedly going to change and let’s remember that 16% of Harris respondents WERE happy in their mobile shopping experience, this situation cannot last forever.

While we agree that 2011 has seen a climatic shift towards the mobile web and mobile commerce, retailers will have to raise their game and bring this 84% of customers into the fold. If so, there will be many Happy Christmases to come, if not it will be many Unhappy Years for both customers and retailers alike.