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90 per cent using mobile phones to access the web

Last week we conducted a quick survey which was distributed to thousands of Wapple technology users as well as via our social channels to capture your thoughts on Mobile and Web. Our respondents are clearly very mobile and web savvy but bearing this skew in mind the results are still extremely interesting.

91% of respondents reported accessing the web via some sort of mobile phone, 85%  via smartphones and 7% from feature phones, almost all respondents are using a phone to access the mobile web for a variety of activities. Tablet usage to access the web came in much lower however this may be down to penetration, almost everyone has some sort of mobile but not everyone has a tablet. In the below chart “other” consists of smart TVs and games consoles.

We also looked at what devices respondents considered as mobile. The term originally comes as an abbreviation of mobile phone but with an increasing array of devices of varying sizes and abilities, where does mobile begin and end? Almost 70% consider a tablet as a mobile device with netbooks still being viewed by a similar amount as being nearer to a desktop than a mobile.

Next results: what devices and smartphones are on everyones wishlists…