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Almost all call for mobile-friendly web

The final instalment of results from our Mobile and Web survey looks at what participants do on the mobile web and what would improve this experience for them. (previous survey results)

Our tech-savvy participants reported carrying out a wide range of activities on mobile web from shopping, banking and watching videos but predominantly to access emails, socialise or for information, maps and directions.

We asked what would improve the experince of the mobile web and almost all cited the need for mobile-friendly sites or raised issues of usabilty, design, speed and accessibility; which would predominantly be addressed if brands presented mobile optimised sites. ‘Other’ included ideas for offline mode, cloud storage and improved security.

We saw earlier that 85% accessed the mobile web via Smart phones showing people are accessing the web via mobile devices but, as their experience shows, the mobile sites are not delivering the quality of user experience the phones and technology could and that consumers are asking for.

For business to serve consumers better, efforts must be put into delivering quality usable interactive mobile optimised sites that are easily accessible by all regardless of device. We continue to see the percentages of online traffic via mobile increase, but it is increasing more slowly than it could, not because consumers aren’t using it but because businesses haven’t yet tailored a high-quality mobile-friendly experience for them.