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Bing Maps with Wapple

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the list of chunks available in Wapple Canvas, you’ll have noticed a new one pop up today – the Bing Map Chunk.

What we’ve done is integrate Bing Maps into Wapple Canvas and Wapple Architect, so you can easily create great looking maps, with plenty of options that always works on mobile.


Here are a couple of examples to show what you can do:

The first one is a dynamic map showing The Leaning Tower of Pisa – which displays on modern phones with the capabilities to handle the Bing Maps code, the second is a static map of NYC, which is the fall back if a dynamic map can’t be shown.


You have a bevy of options to configure your maps – graphic sizes, map types (road/aerial/hybrid/birdseye), pushpins and zoom levels. You should be able to create something to suit by tailoring the settings.

You’ll have to sign up and get a Bing Map API key from before starting, but the keys are free so why not get one!

We’ve also updated our WAPL schema, so if you’re building mobile pages with Architect, you can add a <bingmapChunk> element safely. For more info on how to do this, check out

If you’ve already created a Bing Map chunk, let us know about it and we’ll show off some of the best ones.