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Carnival of Mobilists #276

Welcome to this weeks’ Carnival of Mobilists, celebrating the best of mobile blogging. This month has seen much movement on the mobile landscape with impetus picking up in mobile commerce, a reshuffling of who is king of the handset & social businesses, amongst others, ascertaining how best to harness & monetise mobile. As usual we have a broad range of mobile blogs submitted so lets start this weeks carnival on the topic of mobile commerce.

Bruce at Mobile Payments Today talks on “Mobile money from infancy to intrinsic” looking at what is needed to move the mobile wallet industry on from it’s early beginnings to a more established, useful and viable mobile commerce offering.

Chris at CodeNgo raises some helpful considerations for app developers thinking about in-app subscriptions including a look at whether this model has historically worked for mobile users. “3 things you need to know as a mobile app developer before considering subscription models

I’ve included my own blog “Why you need a mobile site, today” as it recaps on the continuing importance of mobile web as a foundation for your mobile strategy with supporting mobile facts on mobile user habits and trends (for the infographic lovers out there).

Other blogs of note this week include an interesting piece by Antoine RJ Wright considering the possibility of consumer/developer platform choice becoming extinct “The extinction of being platform agnostic

Lynette Hundermark weighed up the pros & cons of two banking apps raising points that could be applied to any of many banking apps appearing worldwide with “Mirror mirror on the wall what’s the best banking app of them all

Although not submitted to the Carnival itself, Mobile Marketing Watch penned “Twitter mobile ads surpass desktop ads in revenue” regarding Twitters recent announcement on the success of their mobile advertising, highlighting that mobile can be successfully monetised and showing the continuing importance of mobiles’ relationship with social channels.

That’s a round up of the CoM#276 for this week from me. I hope you enjoyed the pieces and as usual would welcome any comments.

For more details about the carnival or to catch up with some of the best mobile blogs of the past visit The Carnival of Mobilists Website. Next week the carnival will be passed into the capable hands of “Mobile marketing & media maharishi” Helen Keegan