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The Time to Windowsify Apps is Here, But Where Start?

Consumer adoption of Windows Phone and Windows 8 is increasing at a phenomenal rate and no doubt it’s already on your agenda to develop apps for these platforms.

The Opportunity
You don’t need to be a mathematical genius to work out the immediate increase in downloads, turnover or consumer-interaction you will gain from introducing your Windows Apps:

Windows 8 / 8.1 has a combined 10.68% of this global OS market, including all Windows tablets. It has achieved this in under ... Read more

Your Cross-Screen Marketing Strategy MUST Include Windows Phone

There is no denying the success Microsoft is seeing since the launch of Windows Phone 8 a year ago.  With c.14% penetration in Italy, c. 11% in France and 11.4% in UK (compared to 4.4% in 2012) [Kantar], similar growth percentages throughout Europe and now a global Smartphone market share of 4% [IDC], Microsoft’s Operating System is a very serious contender.

Twitter is mobile-first so you HAVE to be!

Being a Mobile company we love Mobile infographics. Twitter released a new one in February 2013 sharing some great insights into Twitter  in the Mobile space.

Over 80% of UK users access Twitter via their mobile devices and are 40% more likely to use it more than once a day than desktop users.

Twitter has also released it’s own #music app further fuelling it’s mobile presence. Twitter #music is not just another music application though. The app syncs all the tracks being listened by ... Read more

Mobile Banking is hotting up

Recent findings from FICO show that by 2017 1 billion people will be using mobile banking. At the moment it’s the consumer who is leading the mobile banking revolution. Will the banks be catching up to the demand?


Mobile Banking Revolution infographic


Here are a few of the stats:

Currently 20.4% of people bank via their mobile device – an increase of 10.7% since 2010.
58% of people would like to use mobile banking
67% of UK banks predict that all of ... Read more

Does your business stack up to Mobile?

Is mobile part of your marketing strategy? Now more than ever it needs to be. The question “Should I have mobile presence?” should no longer exist. Can customers effectively find your business on mobile or tablets? Can they navigate your site efficiently via a mobile device? Get the information they want and contact you effectively? Can they use your app successfully? Most importantly can they purchase your product/service via their mobile device?


Predictions are that by 2014, mobile device use will overtake desktop computer ... Read more

Are You Looking Beyond the Downloads?

Mobile World Congress madness is in full swing, and AppBeat will be at its centre. Alongside acting as media partner of Heroes of the Mobile Fringe, they’ll be offering exclusive updates from Mobile World Congress. Nick Lane, Head of Telecomms at Liberty Communications, will be blogging daily, so subscribe to their newsletter and visit their site to stay informed. You can also follow them on Twitter. In the meantime, have a look at their latest episode.

“It’s expensive to develop apps, so it’s ... Read more

Will Rich Media Replace Branded Apps?

In this weeks guest post from AppBeat we are looking at how innovation in mobile rich media can help with mobile strategy and increase engagement in a much more personalised space.   Make sure you subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on Twitter.

Here is their latest video update:

“Will Rich Media Replace Branded Apps?”

With access to consumers’ most personal space-their mobiles-advertisers now target based on location, handsets, even handset language. For consumers, this means clicking on a banner enables audio listening, product browsing, and more ... Read more

AppBeat: Building Successful Branded Apps

Back with another guest post from AppBeat whom we are partnering with to help share valuable knowledge and mobile insights in video form.  You can also subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on Twitter.

Here is their latest video update:

“Building Successful Branded Apps”

2.7 billion app downloads occur per month, yet only 20% of global consumer/health care apps receive more than 1,000 downloads. Since most are expensive marketing flops, where should your branded app strategy fit in? Libby Robinson, Global Commercial Director of M&C Saatchi Mobile, ... Read more


Do you think Argos would do as much online business if instead of running a website they required you to download a OS-dependent application to your desktop? Of course not. That’s because eddicated apps are a solitary novelty while a mobile website is all about evergreen functionality.

In-store payment on mobiles is simply not here yet. Maybe one day but have you even performed a contactless technology transaction with your new fangled credit card yet? No? Me neither. So based on ... Read more