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Input image submit buttons

If you’ve ever tried to design a nice submit button for your mobile site, you’ll know what a pain it is.

One option is to design it with CSS – add a border here, a background there, and you’ll get something that looks a little bit like a button. Take advantage of some CSS3 features such as border-radius and maybe a gradient background and you can come up with something really nice.

But what happens on phones that don’t handle CSS3 (or ... Read more

Phonecall chunk with International dialling

Previously, with the phonecall chunk, you’ve not been able to specify an overseas number – or rather you have, but no-one from overseas can dial it.

You now have an option in Wapple Canvas, and an element in WAPL that allows you to specify a +, or 00, or whatever your international dialling prefix is. It’s labelled up as “International Prefix” in Canvas, and it’s <prefix> in WAPL Read about how to use it with your own scripts here, but for ... Read more

Integrating Wapple Architect and Wapple Canvas

Ever since we first created Wapple Architect, you could use it to integrate with Wapple Canvas features. In fact, loading a menu built with Canvas onto an Architect site was one of the first operations we ever performed with our fledging new mobile markup language.

But as we’ve improved the Architect schema, one area of documentation we’ve sadly neglected was telling you how to use these advanced Canvas features in your WAPL.

Bing Maps with Wapple

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the list of chunks available in Wapple Canvas, you’ll have noticed a new one pop up today – the Bing Map Chunk.

What we’ve done is integrate Bing Maps into Wapple Canvas and Wapple Architect, so you can easily create great looking maps, with plenty of options that always works on mobile.

Wapple Canvas Video Link Chunk

If you have a video uploaded to any of the likes of YouTube or Vimeo, we’ve written a new chunk for Wapple Canvas that will allow you to show it to the whole mobile world.

It’s called the Video Link chunk – login in Canvas and add one to a page to see it in action!

If it’s a YouTube video you want to show, a thumbnail is generated automatically, but for other video sharing websites, you can specify the location for ... Read more

Table Chunks with Wapple Canvas

If you have data that you need to display in tabular form – be it the premier league table, or your local darts league, the table chunk inside of Wapple Canvas is for you.

We’ve built a chunk for you that allows you to define your data in a device independent language, and let us do the rest of the job for you.

New formItem option in Canvas and Architect

We do lots of great stuff with mobile forms in Canvas. You’ve got advanced validation rules, you can add all sorts of different form items and get extensive reports on what has been submitted.

But one thing we were missing was the ability to have a file upload form item so if you wanted your mobile web application to have the ability to upload photos from their phone, you were a bit stuck.

Now however, you have the option of doing exactly ... Read more

REST assured – you don’t need SOAP

Overcoming the barriers of mobile web design and development – it’s the tagline of our blog and something that we strive towards each and every day.

We’ve given the development community some amazing tools that allow you to create some fantastic mobile sites and we’ve created plugins, components and classes that help you at every step.