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A MASSIVE shout-out to the Best Mobile Web Designers in the World!!

Something became apparent last week that rapidly moved me into an inspired and energised mood state and it is all thanks to the brightest and most talented mobile web designers and developers in the world today.

We have an internal system for displaying mobile sites that have been built by our developers and customers using Canvas and Architect. Because there are literally thousands and thousands of these sites we have developed a cool mechanism to highlight those that have been completed ... Read more

And the winner is…

Last Wednesday we were delighted to attend the Mobile Entertainment Awards 2011 and sponsor a very lively after party! We were equally delighted to have a Windows Phone 7 to give away as our competition prize, it is an incredibly exciting mobile device and no doubt the winner will be impressed.

As you no doubt remember, to enter the draw you had to scan the QR code on a Wapple T-Shirt worn by the bar staff and our ... Read more

Vote WAPPLE for Mashable Awards 2011

It’s been a fantastic 12 months for Wapple so we nominated ourselves as Digital Company of the Year at this year’s Mashable Awards and we would love it, really love it, if you could vote for us.

In 2011 we teamed up with Google to mobilise advertisers for the GoMo initiative, our award-winning mobile web development technology, Architect, passed one billion requests and we launched a Developer Program that created an ‘army’ of mobile web experts. We delivered our ... Read more