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Mobile Banking is hotting up

Recent findings from FICO show that by 2017 1 billion people will be using mobile banking. At the moment it’s the consumer who is leading the mobile banking revolution. Will the banks be catching up to the demand?


Mobile Banking Revolution infographic


Here are a few of the stats:

Currently 20.4% of people bank via their mobile device – an increase of 10.7% since 2010.
58% of people would like to use mobile banking
67% of UK banks predict that all of ... Read more

Mobile Strategy is for Life not just for Christmas

Since my own less than impressive mobile christmas shopping experience I’ve been waiting to see how mobile figured in this years Christmas statistics.

Many brands heeded the go-mobile call and attempted to ensure some form of mobile presence in time for the festive season with some doing it well and other’s still low on the learning curve. This move has been a wise one and shows they recognise the growing importance of their mobile consumers, especially in the retail industry.

Some ... Read more

Mobile Marketplace or Jurassic Park? Mobile 2012

Let’s speak plainly here. If you’re a half-decent company and you do not have a mobile strategy then you could be seen as a dinosaur. That is the here and now at the end of 2011. If you’re the same in 2012 then it’s likely you’re going to be buried so deep under the cataclysmic, extinction-grade meteorite that is mobile web that your fossil will never be found.

I have been asked by many in the industry what my predictions are ... Read more

Passion of the Mobile Web, Wapple CEO Speaks

We were delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor the Guardian Mobile Business Summit last week in London which brought together an impressive collection of industry leaders including Angus McCarey from Ebay, Dave Coplin from Microsoft UK, Oglivy’s Scott Seabourn and our own Chief Executive Officer Rich Holdsworth.

The goal of the summit was to increase understanding of the mobile eco-system, so ensued a day of news, ideas, networking and a chance to hear some of our industry’s brightest share their ... Read more

84% have trouble completing mobile transactions

Last week I blogged about my experience of trying to do my Christmas shopping on the mobile web and how disappointing the experience was. Eventually I gave up after an hour of unhelpful landing pages and disappointing performance.

Whether or not this was because I’ve been involved in the business for many years and my expectations are guided by Wapple’s proficiency in this field, a recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive shows that I’m far from alone in this area.

According to ... Read more

Mobile Shopping Advent-ageous for some Retailers

It’s that time of year when Christmas duties take over. Whether it’s buying presents for children, parents or the in-laws, it’s time to dust down those lists and find time to buy those gifts.

Over the past 15 years the internet has made this process an absolute dream… and to think there was once a time when online shopping was regarded as a fad. Fortunately, Amazon has set the standard and when the Advent calendars start to open the company prepares ... Read more

Domino’s demonstrate the importance of mCommerce…BUT could make even more mobile money

TheNextWeb reported yesterday that Domnio’s mobile orders topped £130,000 in one day. This is great news for Domino’s and its mobile customers and they are showing other businesses the growing importance of mobile commerce and of course mobile marketing.

However, I feel Domino’s would have made a lot more money iF they were more Mobile Friendly.  After a pretty poor experience on my HTC Trophy (WP7) only 2 weeks ago, when ultimately I didn’t order their pizza via mobile, we tested ... Read more