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Wapple Experts Comment on ‘Augmented Reality Trumps QR Codes’

Yesterday I was reading Mobile Marketer and came across this article suggesting that “Augmented Reality Trumps QR Codes”.

Though I remain confused by the choice of title, it was a good read because the subject is close to our hearts at Wapple and so relevant to the many brands we support, including Covergirl for whom we created the print-to-mobile mechanism studied in the article, amongst other mobile marketing solutions.

Covergirl QR Code campaign

Clearly (and maybe even more so after reading ... Read more

Does your business stack up to Mobile?

Is mobile part of your marketing strategy? Now more than ever it needs to be. The question “Should I have mobile presence?” should no longer exist. Can customers effectively find your business on mobile or tablets? Can they navigate your site efficiently via a mobile device? Get the information they want and contact you effectively? Can they use your app successfully? Most importantly can they purchase your product/service via their mobile device?


Predictions are that by 2014, mobile device use will overtake desktop computer ... Read more

Unrequited love on mobile web

Mobile web has always been there but its adoption is now growing fast. Last year we blogged that 2011 had finally been the tipping point for it and since then the speed of growth has ramped up massively.

Google reported that mobile web is now growing 8X faster than the internet (mobile marketer)

A recent survey by ZMags suggests that 87% of respondants prefer using the mobile web over apps. Furthermore other research shows if a brand site ... Read more

Mobile first, second and once again

In a world fast becoming dominated by smartphones, tablets and a plethera of mobile devices, digital strategy must be structured not only with mobile in mind, but mobile first, second and once again. Mobile has an uncapped potential to reach an audience far beyond that of the existing PC base and this coupled with its recent explosive take-up, makes mobile the key element to complete any digital solution.

Mobile is a Channel in its own right, not simply an extension of ... Read more

Demystifying Mobile Web Development

Toward the tail end of last year I read an article suggesting that there was no longer a need for mobile web specialists like ourselves here at Wapple as “…web developers can make one site work across multiple devices/platforms, including PC’s…” It further suggested that the populus will all be smartphone users shortly therefore rendering designing for multiple devices redundant.

This article struck me as particularly misleading for those seeking genuine advice on mobile strategy and creating a future friendly mobile ... Read more

Mind the Gap…and its Approach to Mobile

Clothes and accessories retailer Gap claimed last week that its investment in mobile has helped the company treble its online conversions over the past 12 months.

Citing its new mobile commerce platfrom, targeted mobile ads and a GPS-based store locator, Gap told its investors that integrating mobile into its overall strategy is beginning to pay dividends (if you excuse the pun).

Gap’s innovative marketing campaign has also used TV via mobile to offer customers rewards when they check-in to their favourite TV ... Read more

Mobile advertising needs more forward mOcean

As previously mentioned in this blog, 79% of Google advertisers do not have a mobile-optimised site, a truly remarkable statistic. Throw into the mix the widely accepted fact that there is an 80% bounce rate on websites from mobile and it’s clear that many advertisers who do not optimise for mobile browsers are wasting their mobile ad spend. So the recent launch of Publisher Annex by mobile ad company mOcean Mobile is an important development for mobile advertising.

mOcean’s parent company ... Read more

Mobile Should Think Globally, Promote Locally

McDonalds gets a very bad press. While its food is never going to be recommended by Jamie Oliver, it is still a very successful company that is not only a fast food company but also an innovative company.

McDonalds likes to set up shop in remote areas, then other shops set up around it, then it moves on once the real estate value has improved. It is also imaginative in many other areas including videogames promotion and increasingly location-based mobile services.

Recently ... Read more

Mobile Web Killed the Text Messaging Star

Last year the US (wireless) mobile industry brought in around $9 billion in revenue for operators and content providers. This seems like a colossal number, but according to the CTIA mobile trade association, this number is falling, and falling dramatically.

The number of texts sent per US subscriber actually fell in the first quarter as smartphone penetration increased and access to the mobile web proliferated. Users now seem to prefer applications such as WhatsApp and BBM to interact with their peers, ... Read more

OPINION: The time has come for the mobile web, says Wapple

Brands and developers that don’t optimise sites for mobile are failing their customers, writes Wapple COO Anne Thomas…

These are heady days for the mobile web. After any number of false dawns, it would appear that its time has finally come.

While it is difficult to pinpoint any particular tipping point for the channel, the combination of smartphone penetration, fixed-rate data plans and sufficient bandwidth means that customers now regard the web on their mobile device as essential as the web on ... Read more