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Demystifying Mobile Web Development

Toward the tail end of last year I read an article suggesting that there was no longer a need for mobile web specialists like ourselves here at Wapple as “…web developers can make one site work across multiple devices/platforms, including PC’s…” It further suggested that the populus will all be smartphone users shortly therefore rendering designing for multiple devices redundant.

This article struck me as particularly misleading for those seeking genuine advice on mobile strategy and creating a future friendly mobile ... Read more

Should you develop for small screens or create a ‘Mobile Experience’?

Developing websites for multiple screens and adapting your designs for a “One size fits all” approach is the hot trend at the moment. Seminal books from Ethan Marcotte and Aaron Gustafson have kicked up a storm in the design and development world with people realising that they can style their site differently in order to make it fit multiple devices. On the surface this sounds fantastic, but looking deeper reveals multiple flaws in this approach and not giving the due care and attention ... Read more

Play are…Mobile Lazy

We put this site to our mobile friendly verses mobile lazy test:
Name: Play
Alexa Rank: 1,671
Wapple Mobile Friendly Score: 4/10 (how we calculated score)
Load size: 47.9 kb
Result: Mobile Lazy

What we loved: The homepage wasn’t too heavy despite the content so loaded on a range of mobile devices…BUT this site was designed for desktop not mobile!
What we’d love to see improved: Everything! At the moment Play are delivering their desktop website to all mobile devices meaning a lot of zooming in ... Read more

118 is..Mobile Lazy

We put this site to our mobile friendly verses mobile lazy test:
Name: 118
Alexa Rank: 58,886
Wapple Mobile Friendly Score: 4/10 (how we calculated score)
Load size: 175.4kb
Result: Mobile Lazy

What we loved:The website is relatively uncluttered because of the nature of the service with great branding so it is not too badly presented to mobile devices but…
What we’d love to see improved: This is a desktop site!  118 is a huge directory service brand – they would benefit greatly from offering ... Read more

The Death of Symbian is Another New and Exciting Start for Nokia

Yesterday Nokia announced its figures for the last quarters and they were truly shocking, a loss of 368 million Euros. The contagion seems to be spreading from its Western markets to the East with China and India both on the slide.

It’s hard to see any short-term prospects for the company as its new CEO, Stephen Elop grapples with the charred timber of the ‘burning deck’ he so memorably described earlier this year.

But of course Elop only refers to its Symbian ... Read more

Mobile Payments Make Money (and sense) for Brands

The market for mobile payments has undergone extraordinary growth over the past 12 months and mobile analysts G+ expect this market to be worth a whopping $670 billion by 2015.

Google Wallet, American Express Serve, Mastercard Paypass, Visa Wallet and Isis, a mobile payment based on the near-field communication platform, have all being launched to service this market, and while industry insiders expect near-field communication (NFC) to become the dominant platform over the next three years, it is brands that ... Read more

WANTED! For crimes against mobile operating systems…

Today one of Wapple’s community members posted a link on our forums to this article and asked for thoughts on it.  The title of the article is “Who cares about anything except iOS and Android?”.

Well, I care deeply and I imagine you do too. I care for EVERY mobile OS and ALL the many thousands of mobile devices that run on them and therefore I was compelled to read.  To my shock I discovered that the individual who asked the question ... Read more

Last-minute shopping is a big hit for mobile

Yesterday, fathers were regaled by their children as Father’s Day was celebrated. For many of these children it was only at the last minute that they managed to buy presents for their beloved and increasingly they are using the mobile phone to do so. This has implications not only for customers, but how brands need to provide services to them.

Google recently released figures showing mobile web traffic after Mother’s Day this year (May 9th). Not only did mobile search queries ... Read more

The web-apps vs installed apps debate continues…

With Mobile World Congress kicking off today and a whole hall called ‘App Planet‘ [I guess 'Planet of the Apps' would have looked like a typo...] it’s a great day for another story with two ways of publishing to mobile going head to head.,dwp_uuid=4dce8136-4a24-11da-b8b1-0000779e2340.html?nclick_check=1

So, lets be clear once again. Installed apps are OK but they’re expensive, tied to a particular OS, distributed through crowded and controlled channels, hard to spread virally and, well, so 2009.

Web Apps for mobile are cheap ... Read more