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Are you Mobile Friendly? Test your Site today!

Have you visited GoMo? It’s an initiative by Google that provides tools for businesses to learn why mobile, especially mobile-friendly, matters.  You can test how your current site looks in mobile with a free report offering personalised site recommendations, practical advice and best practice to help you improve your customers’ experience of your brand via mobile.

This week Forrester Research published that mobile is the “new face of engagement that is here to stay and just as the internet made us take ... Read more

84% have trouble completing mobile transactions

Last week I blogged about my experience of trying to do my Christmas shopping on the mobile web and how disappointing the experience was. Eventually I gave up after an hour of unhelpful landing pages and disappointing performance.

Whether or not this was because I’ve been involved in the business for many years and my expectations are guided by Wapple’s proficiency in this field, a recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive shows that I’m far from alone in this area.

According to ... Read more

Mobile Shopping Advent-ageous for some Retailers

It’s that time of year when Christmas duties take over. Whether it’s buying presents for children, parents or the in-laws, it’s time to dust down those lists and find time to buy those gifts.

Over the past 15 years the internet has made this process an absolute dream… and to think there was once a time when online shopping was regarded as a fad. Fortunately, Amazon has set the standard and when the Advent calendars start to open the company prepares ... Read more

Mobile Web Specialists are Hot Property

While all the talk in 2010 was about apps, companies have been quietly going about their significant business on the mobile web and in 2011 agencies, advertisers and brands have realised that they need to work and partner with mobile web specialists if they are to prosper in an increasingly mobilised world.

Last week’s acquisition of Mobile Interactive Group by Velti and the recent merger between iLoop Mobile and Lenco Mobile is testament to this. The market is converging and consolidating ... Read more

Ready, Steady, GoMo

Last week’s release of GoMo by Google is more evidence that the mobile web is coming to a crucial stage in its natural development. Google had previously announced that 79% of advertisers had sites that were not optimised for mobile devices and the GoMo initiative aims to help those companies create mobile-friendly sites.

We applaud Google’s initiative as it will encourage advertisers to raise their mobile game. Mobile ad networks serve billions of page views so this is a huge opportunity ... Read more

Play are…Mobile Lazy

We put this site to our mobile friendly verses mobile lazy test:
Name: Play
Alexa Rank: 1,671
Wapple Mobile Friendly Score: 4/10 (how we calculated score)
Load size: 47.9 kb
Result: Mobile Lazy

What we loved: The homepage wasn’t too heavy despite the content so loaded on a range of mobile devices…BUT this site was designed for desktop not mobile!
What we’d love to see improved: Everything! At the moment Play are delivering their desktop website to all mobile devices meaning a lot of zooming in ... Read more

118 is..Mobile Lazy

We put this site to our mobile friendly verses mobile lazy test:
Name: 118
Alexa Rank: 58,886
Wapple Mobile Friendly Score: 4/10 (how we calculated score)
Load size: 175.4kb
Result: Mobile Lazy

What we loved:The website is relatively uncluttered because of the nature of the service with great branding so it is not too badly presented to mobile devices but…
What we’d love to see improved: This is a desktop site!  118 is a huge directory service brand – they would benefit greatly from offering ... Read more

Mind the Gap…and its Approach to Mobile

Clothes and accessories retailer Gap claimed last week that its investment in mobile has helped the company treble its online conversions over the past 12 months.

Citing its new mobile commerce platfrom, targeted mobile ads and a GPS-based store locator, Gap told its investors that integrating mobile into its overall strategy is beginning to pay dividends (if you excuse the pun).

Gap’s innovative marketing campaign has also used TV via mobile to offer customers rewards when they check-in to their favourite TV ... Read more

Ford is…Mobile Friendly

We put this site to our mobile friendly verses mobile lazy test:
Name: Ford
Alexa Rank: 3,163
Wapple Mobile Friendly Score: 8/10 (how we calculated score)
Load size: 87.9 kb
Result: Mobile Friendly

What we loved: Great design optimised across a broad range of devices with consistent style. Good usability and clickable links.
What we’d love to see improved: The site would benefit from a lighter load, 87.9kb is big and runs the risk of alienating consumers on older devices or pay as you go. Introducing ... Read more

Summer holiday mobile marketing campaigns must be thought out, not rained off

As the end of July approaches and thoughts turn to lazy afternoons spent lolling in the sun reading books that haven’t been touched all year, this may not be the most propitious time to be thinking about mobile campaigns. But ignoring them could be a big mistake and brands may rue the missed opportunity.

Why bother with a mobile campaign during the Summer Holidays? There’s no point. Nobody will be engaged. Everybody will be switched off. But that’s where you’d be ... Read more