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Carnival of the Mobilists #272

Welcome to Wapple’s first host blog for the Carnival of Mobilists, celebrating the best of mobile blogging.

The mobile industry is evolving rapidly and the carnival offers an opportunity to celebrate what’s great, new or in need of addressing on the mobile landscape. So I’m delighted to curate this weeks carnival, and have a wide variety of pieces to share with you this week.

By far and away our favourite was Troy Brown’s guest column on Mobile Groove: 4G, Location & ... Read more

Mobile Marketplace or Jurassic Park? Mobile 2012

Let’s speak plainly here. If you’re a half-decent company and you do not have a mobile strategy then you could be seen as a dinosaur. That is the here and now at the end of 2011. If you’re the same in 2012 then it’s likely you’re going to be buried so deep under the cataclysmic, extinction-grade meteorite that is mobile web that your fossil will never be found.

I have been asked by many in the industry what my predictions are ... Read more

84% have trouble completing mobile transactions

Last week I blogged about my experience of trying to do my Christmas shopping on the mobile web and how disappointing the experience was. Eventually I gave up after an hour of unhelpful landing pages and disappointing performance.

Whether or not this was because I’ve been involved in the business for many years and my expectations are guided by Wapple’s proficiency in this field, a recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive shows that I’m far from alone in this area.

According to ... Read more

Mobile Web Specialists are Hot Property

While all the talk in 2010 was about apps, companies have been quietly going about their significant business on the mobile web and in 2011 agencies, advertisers and brands have realised that they need to work and partner with mobile web specialists if they are to prosper in an increasingly mobilised world.

Last week’s acquisition of Mobile Interactive Group by Velti and the recent merger between iLoop Mobile and Lenco Mobile is testament to this. The market is converging and consolidating ... Read more

Ready, Steady, GoMo

Last week’s release of GoMo by Google is more evidence that the mobile web is coming to a crucial stage in its natural development. Google had previously announced that 79% of advertisers had sites that were not optimised for mobile devices and the GoMo initiative aims to help those companies create mobile-friendly sites.

We applaud Google’s initiative as it will encourage advertisers to raise their mobile game. Mobile ad networks serve billions of page views so this is a huge opportunity ... Read more

Smartphone Ownership now the Norm

There was some interesting data from analysts Nielsen last week about smartphone usage in the US. The finding was that the vast majority of those under the age of 44 now have smartphones, but usage was significantly up across the board.

We’re not just talking about the 40% of teenagers who own one, but also the 18% (up 50% on last year) of people over the age of 65 who have them. Add to that the 62% of young adult ... Read more