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Mobile Banking is hotting up

Recent findings from FICO show that by 2017 1 billion people will be using mobile banking. At the moment it’s the consumer who is leading the mobile banking revolution. Will the banks be catching up to the demand?


Mobile Banking Revolution infographic


Here are a few of the stats:

Currently 20.4% of people bank via their mobile device – an increase of 10.7% since 2010.
58% of people would like to use mobile banking
67% of UK banks predict that all of ... Read more

84% have trouble completing mobile transactions

Last week I blogged about my experience of trying to do my Christmas shopping on the mobile web and how disappointing the experience was. Eventually I gave up after an hour of unhelpful landing pages and disappointing performance.

Whether or not this was because I’ve been involved in the business for many years and my expectations are guided by Wapple’s proficiency in this field, a recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive shows that I’m far from alone in this area.

According to ... Read more

2011 was the year that the Mobile Web (finally) hit critical mass

That was the year that was. In 2011 agencies, advertisers and brands finally realised that they need to work and partner with mobile web specialists if they are to prosper in an increasingly mobilised world.

The overriding reason for this has been the spread of smartphones and much has changed over the course of a year. According to research company IDC, 100.9 million smartphones shipped in the final quarter of 2010, a figure that was up 87.2% on the ... Read more

Mobile Websites Boost Local Businesses

For mobile users, location is a key element of their user experience. This maxim has recently been supported by research in the US through a study conducted by AT&T and Nielsen. It reports that 43% of local ‘mobile searchers’ actually enter a business’s doors after discovering their location.

Furthermore the report goes on to say that 22% of these searchers go on to buy a physical purchase and is yet more evidence that an optimised mobile web site creates revenue for ... Read more

Domino’s demonstrate the importance of mCommerce…BUT could make even more mobile money

TheNextWeb reported yesterday that Domnio’s mobile orders topped £130,000 in one day. This is great news for Domino’s and its mobile customers and they are showing other businesses the growing importance of mobile commerce and of course mobile marketing.

However, I feel Domino’s would have made a lot more money iF they were more Mobile Friendly.  After a pretty poor experience on my HTC Trophy (WP7) only 2 weeks ago, when ultimately I didn’t order their pizza via mobile, we tested ... Read more

Google Wallet is just another till in an already open store

After four months of testing Google Wallet was finally launched this week, the latest in a raft of mobile payment ‘solutions’ that show ‘tap-to-pay’ is (probably) here to stay.

For now, Google Wallet can only be accessed to a chosen group of people and it has very few retail partners, but that didn’t stop a welter of media coverage reporting on what we believe to be only a symbolic move on the part of Google.

For the lucky few, Google ... Read more

Marketing is King, but Mobile Marketing is King Kong

The adage goes that content is king, but distribution is King Kong, but it is increasingly mobile marketing that stands out as the behemoth of marketing. While we are certainly not saying that marketing is run by giant apes, it is an analogy that is increasingly relevant.

According to a recent report from InsightExpress, mobile marketing is now more effective in raising ‘unaided awareness’ than print, TV and online marketing combined (Mobile Marketer). This is a big claim as many brands ... Read more


Do you think Argos would do as much online business if instead of running a website they required you to download a OS-dependent application to your desktop? Of course not. That’s because eddicated apps are a solitary novelty while a mobile website is all about evergreen functionality.

In-store payment on mobiles is simply not here yet. Maybe one day but have you even performed a contactless technology transaction with your new fangled credit card yet? No? Me neither. So based on ... Read more

Mobile Payments Make Money (and sense) for Brands

The market for mobile payments has undergone extraordinary growth over the past 12 months and mobile analysts G+ expect this market to be worth a whopping $670 billion by 2015.

Google Wallet, American Express Serve, Mastercard Paypass, Visa Wallet and Isis, a mobile payment based on the near-field communication platform, have all being launched to service this market, and while industry insiders expect near-field communication (NFC) to become the dominant platform over the next three years, it is brands that ... Read more