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‘K-Ching’! Mobile Web Training Program Webinar

Looking to create your own mobile website? Want the ability to create high class intelligent sites for yourself or your clients? Not sure where to begin? Need a little guidance to add more shine to your existing site? This is for you!

We’ve created a fantastic 10 Session Webinar Training Program to aid you in becoming a master mobile web design expert and we’re including an additional 11th session focusing on mobile marketing.

This webinar-based Program starts November 1st and is absolutely ... Read more

How was mobilized

Just before Christmas, we mobilized by installing and configuring the Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress.

I’ve written a much more in-depth article over there about how we did it, but here’s a bite-sized version that you can cut out and put in your wallet:

Why Joomla site authors need to Mobilize their Websites

Content Management Systems – it seems as though they are the in-vogue tool at the moment with every man and his dog developing one or using it to power their website.

If you do a search in a well known popular search engine for “CMS” (and assuming you aren’t searching for the Church Mission Society), you’ll find Joomla at #3. With 139 million returned results that’s not bad by anyone’s standards.

REST assured – you don’t need SOAP

Overcoming the barriers of mobile web design and development – it’s the tagline of our blog and something that we strive towards each and every day.

We’ve given the development community some amazing tools that allow you to create some fantastic mobile sites and we’ve created plugins, components and classes that help you at every step.

IE6 Must Die, Mobile Browsers Must Live

IE6 Must Die is a trending topic on Twitter right now. The world is demanding that IE6 support is dropped, effectively forcing the hand of anyone still using the browser and hopefully freeing the internet from the hell that is substandard browser support.

Removing Problems with Scrollbars on Mobile Browsers

Scrollbars are a pain on web and they are even more of a pain on mobile.

If you’ve ever had to develop a website that does anything imaginative with it’s width then you will have encountered the inclusive / exclusive discrepancy amongst browsers. For example, should your page length exceed the vertical size of a browser window, a vertical scrollbar appears – trouble is some browsers feel the need to subtract the width of the scrollbar from the width of the ... Read more

Step by Step Guide to Enhancing your WordPress Mobile Blog

You’ve installed my Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress and entered your Dev Key only to find that although your mobile blog looks great, it doesn’t look as awesome as some of the other blogs that are using the plugin.

So what can you do about it? Luckily for you I’ve compiled a list of some of the top tips to make your blog look awesome on mobile, just follow it and by the end of it you’ll have ... Read more

How I Mobilized WordPress – the Technical Howto for Devs, Coders, Web Geeks and Wizards

So you’ve got your WordPress site running, you’ve installed a load of plugins to do fancy things and there’s a large subscriber base following your every post. However, without realising it, you’re giving a poor user experience to anyone reading your blog on their mobile phone. Have a read of “Why Millions of WordPress Bloggers Need to get Mobile Friendly” to see why this is such a big problem.

To help the community at large, I’ve created a WordPress mobile plugin ... Read more

You Can Have Your Cake and Mobilize It

I mentioned in a previous post that I’d written an article on the cake bakery about how to mobilize an existing website or application by just downloading the code, signing up for a dev key and following the instructions.

But whilst my plugin works perfectly, it’s missing a helper to actually build the WAPL for you. So I was really impressed when I saw that Gordon Pettey had written his own article on the bakery using mine for a bit of ... Read more

Mobilizing Wapple Website

Last week something exciting happened inside the colourful walls of Wapple – the latest version of the mobile site was launched. Below are the obligatory before and after screenshots and at first glance you’ll probably notice that they look pretty similar. However, all is not as it seems because underneath the bonnet – everything has changed.

Built with Canvas

Built with Architect