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Responding to responsive design and why it fails for mobile

Over-simply put; responsive web design takes one design and responds to varying screen sizes to present the same content across multiple platforms in a layout suited to individual devices. The appeal is obvious; one site that responds to whatever screen size is presented and reshuffles content, size and layout based on this. In short, brands can finally overcome a complex problem with a simple fix, one site and one set of content for all their consumers regardless of which device ... Read more

A MASSIVE shout-out to the Best Mobile Web Designers in the World!!

Something became apparent last week that rapidly moved me into an inspired and energised mood state and it is all thanks to the brightest and most talented mobile web designers and developers in the world today.

We have an internal system for displaying mobile sites that have been built by our developers and customers using Canvas and Architect. Because there are literally thousands and thousands of these sites we have developed a cool mechanism to highlight those that have been completed ... Read more

Are you Mobile Friendly? Test your Site today!

Have you visited GoMo? It’s an initiative by Google that provides tools for businesses to learn why mobile, especially mobile-friendly, matters.  You can test how your current site looks in mobile with a free report offering personalised site recommendations, practical advice and best practice to help you improve your customers’ experience of your brand via mobile.

This week Forrester Research published that mobile is the “new face of engagement that is here to stay and just as the internet made us take ... Read more

Anne Thomas on…Don’t be Mobile Lazy

This article was originally published in the February 2012 issue of  .Net Magazine 

“Anne Thomas explains the business benefits of taking the trouble to make sure your website is truly mobile-friendly


I recently looked over a Dotmobi study that determined that in 2010, 19.3 per cent of the top 500,000 websites were mobile-friendly.  This seemed an unfeasibly high percentage and didn’t chime at all with my experience – so I replicated the study with a 2011 twist.

I used Alexa to study the top ... Read more

Demystifying Mobile Web Development

Toward the tail end of last year I read an article suggesting that there was no longer a need for mobile web specialists like ourselves here at Wapple as “…web developers can make one site work across multiple devices/platforms, including PC’s…” It further suggested that the populus will all be smartphone users shortly therefore rendering designing for multiple devices redundant.

This article struck me as particularly misleading for those seeking genuine advice on mobile strategy and creating a future friendly mobile ... Read more

Should you develop for small screens or create a ‘Mobile Experience’?

Developing websites for multiple screens and adapting your designs for a “One size fits all” approach is the hot trend at the moment. Seminal books from Ethan Marcotte and Aaron Gustafson have kicked up a storm in the design and development world with people realising that they can style their site differently in order to make it fit multiple devices. On the surface this sounds fantastic, but looking deeper reveals multiple flaws in this approach and not giving the due care and attention ... Read more

Apple are…Mobile Lazy

We put this site to our mobile friendly verses mobile lazy test:
Name: Apple
Alexa Rank: 36
Wapple Mobile Friendly Score: 3/10 (how we calculated score)
Load size: 393.6kb
Result: Mobile Lazy

What we loved: Looks nice and is consistent with Apple branding
What we’d love to see improved: Apple are currently only providing the desktop version of their website for their mobile consumers.  Let me repeat that.  Apple are currently only providing the desktop version of their website for their mobile consumers!!  This is bad ... Read more

Play are…Mobile Lazy

We put this site to our mobile friendly verses mobile lazy test:
Name: Play
Alexa Rank: 1,671
Wapple Mobile Friendly Score: 4/10 (how we calculated score)
Load size: 47.9 kb
Result: Mobile Lazy

What we loved: The homepage wasn’t too heavy despite the content so loaded on a range of mobile devices…BUT this site was designed for desktop not mobile!
What we’d love to see improved: Everything! At the moment Play are delivering their desktop website to all mobile devices meaning a lot of zooming in ... Read more

‘K-Ching’! Mobile Web Training Program Webinar

Looking to create your own mobile website? Want the ability to create high class intelligent sites for yourself or your clients? Not sure where to begin? Need a little guidance to add more shine to your existing site? This is for you!

We’ve created a fantastic 10 Session Webinar Training Program to aid you in becoming a master mobile web design expert and we’re including an additional 11th session focusing on mobile marketing.

This webinar-based Program starts November 1st and is absolutely ... Read more

118 is..Mobile Lazy

We put this site to our mobile friendly verses mobile lazy test:
Name: 118
Alexa Rank: 58,886
Wapple Mobile Friendly Score: 4/10 (how we calculated score)
Load size: 175.4kb
Result: Mobile Lazy

What we loved:The website is relatively uncluttered because of the nature of the service with great branding so it is not too badly presented to mobile devices but…
What we’d love to see improved: This is a desktop site!  118 is a huge directory service brand – they would benefit greatly from offering ... Read more