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Your thoughts on the Windows Phone 8… so far

In my last blog post I posed the question “Is it going to be a Windows revolution” following the recent launch of Windows 8, the MS Surface Tablet and of course Window Phone 8.  Immediately after we offered a short survey to you specifically focussed around Windows Phone 8; the results of which have been very interesting and appear to reflect the general market response to Windows so far.

There was a lot of excitement around the Windows Phone 8 launch ... Read more

Google’s Motorola acquisition is a sea-change that will make waves….for Nokia

On Monday this week Nokia’s share price went up 7% in one day. Was this because of a new range of smartphones? Was it increased take-up of Windows Mobile 7? No, it was because Google announced it planned to acquire US handset maker Motorola for $12.5 (£7.7) billion.

We have previously commented about the death of Symbian- may,ironically, give a boost to Nokia’s future, but is the spike in the company’s share price a blip or a sea-change in the handset ... Read more