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The Time to Windowsify Apps is Here, But Where Start?

Consumer adoption of Windows Phone and Windows 8 is increasing at a phenomenal rate and no doubt it’s already on your agenda to develop apps for these platforms.

The Opportunity
You don’t need to be a mathematical genius to work out the immediate increase in downloads, turnover or consumer-interaction you will gain from introducing your Windows Apps:

Windows 8 / 8.1 has a combined 10.68% of this global OS market, including all Windows tablets. It has achieved this in under ... Read more

Google’s Motorola acquisition is a sea-change that will make waves….for Nokia

On Monday this week Nokia’s share price went up 7% in one day. Was this because of a new range of smartphones? Was it increased take-up of Windows Mobile 7? No, it was because Google announced it planned to acquire US handset maker Motorola for $12.5 (£7.7) billion.

We have previously commented about the death of Symbian- may,ironically, give a boost to Nokia’s future, but is the spike in the company’s share price a blip or a sea-change in the handset ... Read more


Do you think Argos would do as much online business if instead of running a website they required you to download a OS-dependent application to your desktop? Of course not. That’s because eddicated apps are a solitary novelty while a mobile website is all about evergreen functionality.

In-store payment on mobiles is simply not here yet. Maybe one day but have you even performed a contactless technology transaction with your new fangled credit card yet? No? Me neither. So based on ... Read more

The Death of Symbian is Another New and Exciting Start for Nokia

Yesterday Nokia announced its figures for the last quarters and they were truly shocking, a loss of 368 million Euros. The contagion seems to be spreading from its Western markets to the East with China and India both on the slide.

It’s hard to see any short-term prospects for the company as its new CEO, Stephen Elop grapples with the charred timber of the ‘burning deck’ he so memorably described earlier this year.

But of course Elop only refers to its Symbian ... Read more