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Wapple Experts Comment on ‘Augmented Reality Trumps QR Codes’

Yesterday I was reading Mobile Marketer and came across this article suggesting that “Augmented Reality Trumps QR Codes”.

Though I remain confused by the choice of title, it was a good read because the subject is close to our hearts at Wapple and so relevant to the many brands we support, including Covergirl for whom we created the print-to-mobile mechanism studied in the article, amongst other mobile marketing solutions.

Covergirl QR Code campaign

Clearly (and maybe even more so after reading ... Read more

Mobile Marketplace or Jurassic Park? Mobile 2012

Let’s speak plainly here. If you’re a half-decent company and you do not have a mobile strategy then you could be seen as a dinosaur. That is the here and now at the end of 2011. If you’re the same in 2012 then it’s likely you’re going to be buried so deep under the cataclysmic, extinction-grade meteorite that is mobile web that your fossil will never be found.

I have been asked by many in the industry what my predictions are ... Read more

The Guardian is…Mobile Friendly

We put this site to our mobile friendly verses mobile lazy test:
Name: The Guardian
Alexa Rank: 161
Wapple Mobile Friendly Score: 8/10 (how we calculated score)
Load size: 82.5 kb
Result: Mobile Friendly

What we loved: Offers users of a variety of devices a great mobile experience maintaining publisher branding. Layout and content is readble, useful and easy to consume with good size clickable links.
What we’d love to see improved: Shorter pages and less scrolling – better pagination! Inclusion of unique customer experiences/mobile promotions ... Read more

The generation and use of QR codes

The use of QR codes has grown considerably in recent times. Here at Wapple we are often asked questions regarding their use and specification.

Regarding size, it is obviously important that a user is able to easily snap the code from their smart-phone. The size that you want to have the QR code at is going to be a function of a couple of variables.

Firstly, how close the consumer can get to the code (if it’s on a wall 30ft ... Read more

QR codes are for life, not just for show

The ubiquity of QR codes as a marketing tool for instant connectivity between customers and brands should mean that this form of marketing has hit critical mass, but customer experience still falls short of what should be achieved.

When QR codes are created, they are for life, not just for show. They are not dynamic, they cannot change, they are static so they have to be scalable on inception and created with the long tail in mind. Also, brands should think ... Read more