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Wapple Experts Comment on ‘Augmented Reality Trumps QR Codes’

Yesterday I was reading Mobile Marketer and came across this article suggesting that “Augmented Reality Trumps QR Codes”.

Though I remain confused by the choice of title, it was a good read because the subject is close to our hearts at Wapple and so relevant to the many brands we support, including Covergirl for whom we created the print-to-mobile mechanism studied in the article, amongst other mobile marketing solutions.

Covergirl QR Code campaign

Clearly (and maybe even more so after reading ... Read more

Mobile Web Killed the Text Messaging Star

Last year the US (wireless) mobile industry brought in around $9 billion in revenue for operators and content providers. This seems like a colossal number, but according to the CTIA mobile trade association, this number is falling, and falling dramatically.

The number of texts sent per US subscriber actually fell in the first quarter as smartphone penetration increased and access to the mobile web proliferated. Users now seem to prefer applications such as WhatsApp and BBM to interact with their peers, ... Read more