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Is it going to be a Windows revolution? We’d love your opinion!

Microsoft have dominated the technology world this past week. On the 26th October 2012 Microsoft launched their new Surface Tablet along with Windows 8. Less than a week later on the 30th October 2012 they launched the new Windows Phone 8.







The Windows 8 proposition has people at the core. “We reinvented the smartphone experience around you. We didn’t make Windows phone for all of us, we made Windows phone for each of us” said Jo Belfiore VP Windows Phone. Their ... Read more

So you think you know your mobile numbers…?

The mobile landscape is fast paced and quick changing, but do you know your mobile facts and figures today? Test yourself in our quick mobile numbers quiz!

So, you think you know your mobile numbers? » online quizzes

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Almost all call for mobile-friendly web

The final instalment of results from our Mobile and Web survey looks at what participants do on the mobile web and what would improve this experience for them. (previous survey results)

Our tech-savvy participants reported carrying out a wide range of activities on mobile web from shopping, banking and watching videos but predominantly to access emails, socialise or for information, maps and directions.

We asked what would improve the experince of the mobile web and almost all cited the ... Read more

Tablets and iPhones are top of wishlists

Continuing our Mobile and Web survey results (survey details and first results here) it seems Tablets are sitting top of peoples device wish lists with iPhones being the smartphone of choice for 50% of our participants.

68% responded that a tablet would be the device they would most like to own next and given that in yesterdays results the tablet is seen by 70% to be a mobile device this opens up numerous opportunities, as well as barriers, for ... Read more

90 per cent using mobile phones to access the web

Last week we conducted a quick survey which was distributed to thousands of Wapple technology users as well as via our social channels to capture your thoughts on Mobile and Web. Our respondents are clearly very mobile and web savvy but bearing this skew in mind the results are still extremely interesting.

91% of respondents reported accessing the web via some sort of mobile phone, 85%  via smartphones and 7% from feature phones, almost all respondents are using a phone ... Read more