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5 Steps to Increasing the Effectiveness of Click-to-Call Advertising

One of the most exciting aspects of developing for mobile is the extra interfaces and technologies that we have access to. Rather than a user enter their location postcode, we can have the device relay to us its coordinates based on either cell network triangulation or GPS. Instead of a visitor writing down a telephone number, we can make the experience frictionless by including a button that initiates a call.

We have built thousands of sites that implement this technique, and ... Read more

A MASSIVE shout-out to the Best Mobile Web Designers in the World!!

Something became apparent last week that rapidly moved me into an inspired and energised mood state and it is all thanks to the brightest and most talented mobile web designers and developers in the world today.

We have an internal system for displaying mobile sites that have been built by our developers and customers using Canvas and Architect. Because there are literally thousands and thousands of these sites we have developed a cool mechanism to highlight those that have been completed ... Read more

Vote WAPPLE for Mashable Awards 2011

It’s been a fantastic 12 months for Wapple so we nominated ourselves as Digital Company of the Year at this year’s Mashable Awards and we would love it, really love it, if you could vote for us.

In 2011 we teamed up with Google to mobilise advertisers for the GoMo initiative, our award-winning mobile web development technology, Architect, passed one billion requests and we launched a Developer Program that created an ‘army’ of mobile web experts. We delivered our ... Read more

‘K-Ching’! Mobile Web Training Program Webinar

Looking to create your own mobile website? Want the ability to create high class intelligent sites for yourself or your clients? Not sure where to begin? Need a little guidance to add more shine to your existing site? This is for you!

We’ve created a fantastic 10 Session Webinar Training Program to aid you in becoming a master mobile web design expert and we’re including an additional 11th session focusing on mobile marketing.

This webinar-based Program starts November 1st and is absolutely ... Read more

Input image submit buttons

If you’ve ever tried to design a nice submit button for your mobile site, you’ll know what a pain it is.

One option is to design it with CSS – add a border here, a background there, and you’ll get something that looks a little bit like a button. Take advantage of some CSS3 features such as border-radius and maybe a gradient background and you can come up with something really nice.

But what happens on phones that don’t handle CSS3 (or ... Read more

404 pages on Canvas powered mobile sites

We’ve added a great new little feature into Wapple Canvas recently – the ability to design and create a page in your site, and assign it as a 404.

So if someone hits your site but ends up on a URL they shouldn’t, you can now create a handy 404 page that might have links to your sitemap (or even a Sitemap chunk on it), a link to the home page, or anything you want.

You can edit your 404 page exactly ... Read more

Got a lot of text? Paginate it!

Got a lot of text? Paginate it!

If you want to split a text chunk over a number of pages, just include [/pagebreak] in the body of your text and pagination links will split the text over multiple pages. Simples.

You can even control the text of the pagination links in the labels page of Canvas.

Upload many site graphics quickly in Canvas – just zip ‘em!

Uploading graphics to your site is pretty easy, but if you’ve got a lot to add then it can be quite time consuming. To make things a little easier we’ve added the ability to upload a zipped collection of images and have them automatically added you your site as individual site graphics.

Just zip up your graphics and upload that file where you would normally upload an image file. Once uploaded, the zip file will be unpacked and each image will ... Read more

More dynamic rules..

As we’ve talked about previously, we have some awesome dynamic activation and suppression rules.

They allow you to tailor chunks of functionality so they only appear on specific versions of a particular mobile operating system – and up to now, we only enabled it for the BlackBerry OS.

We promised that there would be more, and indeed there are! We have added the following operating system rules:

iPhone OS
Web OS
Windows Mobile

In addition, we’ve added a dynamic rule to test for the vendor ... Read more

Phonecall chunk with International dialling

Previously, with the phonecall chunk, you’ve not been able to specify an overseas number – or rather you have, but no-one from overseas can dial it.

You now have an option in Wapple Canvas, and an element in WAPL that allows you to specify a +, or 00, or whatever your international dialling prefix is. It’s labelled up as “International Prefix” in Canvas, and it’s <prefix> in WAPL Read about how to use it with your own scripts here, but for ... Read more