cross-screen marketing solutions


Do you think Argos would do as much online business if instead of running a website they required you to download a OS-dependent application to your desktop? Of course not. That’s because eddicated apps are a solitary novelty while a mobile website is all about evergreen functionality.

In-store payment on mobiles is simply not here yet. Maybe one day but have you even performed a contactless technology transaction with your new fangled credit card yet? No? Me neither. So based on that, paying for something on your mobile is some WAY off. Maybe a nice idea could be dreamt up – a mechanism for making it happen. But standardising the technology and then installing it in a number of retailers enough to achieve critical mass is a pipedream in 2011.

Mobiles are with you at the point of purchase. Sure, they are there when you make purchasing decisions. But that doesn’t mean we have to default to making users pay through their mobile devices. Why does mobile HAVE to become a payment platform to be judged a success? Surely a brand /retailer is happy if the consumer commits to purchase – cash, CC, hell – cheque! As long as mobile has contributed to that purchase then it played its part.

Maybe to take that point to the next level – when I watch an advert on TV and I like the product so much that the next day I go out and buy it then ‘Job Done’ marketing team. Well done. Just because I didn’t press the red button and have it posted to me a week later doesn’t mean TV failed. It worked. Really well.

Oh, and I never press the red button by the way.