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Domino’s demonstrate the importance of mCommerce…BUT could make even more mobile money

Dominos are Mobile FriendlyTheNextWeb reported yesterday that Domnio’s mobile orders topped £130,000 in one day. This is great news for Domino’s and its mobile customers and they are showing other businesses the growing importance of mobile commerce and of course mobile marketing.

However, I feel Domino’s would have made a lot more money iF they were more Mobile Friendly.  After a pretty poor experience on my HTC Trophy (WP7) only 2 weeks ago, when ultimately I didn’t order their pizza via mobile, we tested their site’s usability on many other devices to measure their ‘Friendliness’ across the board.

We determined that they had a great custom-made experience for iPhone yet every other device had a dumbed down experience.  For example on my HTC there was no click-to-call so immediately they lost me.

We also noted that their mobile site’s load size was 717 kb.  That’s HUGE! Ridiculous even.  They would immediately lose a lot of consumers on older handsets, slow connection or pay as you go.

So, although Dominos are technically ‘Mobile Friendly’ they scored relatively lowly by our standards ().  If they were using the Wapple platform they would be immediately optimised for all mobile devices, providing the BEST experience for each browser.

Imagine what numbers of daily mobile sales they’d be reporting if they went the extra mile to ensure that android, windows and customers with older devices could all share this wonderful mCommerce experience!

Take a look at the Wapple usability test for Domino’s: