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Google Android – back to the days before CSS

HTC Magic

HTC Magic

Stop Press: The Google Android phone doesn’t support CSS.

Or so the UAProf supplied by HTC for the G1 would have you believe. We’ve got one in the office and have recently updated its browser software. Only the new user agent profile (an XML file detailing the phone capabilities) now says that it doesn’t support CSS.

The good news for users of Wapple is that the device profiling system at its heart knows that vendors sometimes make mistakes and takes that into account. Oh, and when HTC update their Uaprof so that it says it supports CSS, it’ll know and update as appropriate!

Obviously the Android supports CSS and everyone knows that (apart from HTC by the looks of it). This is a great example of how hard it is to do device profiling yourself and why it’s so awesome that you’ve got tools like Architect available to do it for you!

Without these systems in place you’d be looking at stripped down versions of sites with no style, but instead, you still get great looking Wapple powered mobile sites.

One Response

  1. Rich Holdsworth says:

    Lots of sites are having trouble with Android right now. BBC mobile used to be so nice to my phone but now it thinks I’m a full web browser again.
    Like Joni Mitchel said: “you don’t know what you’ve got ’till its gone’…
    Well, my nice accessible experience is gone until BBC catch up with the latest update and recgnise my device correctly.
    I blame changing model and manufacturer names in the UA string.