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Integrating Wapple Architect and Wapple Canvas

Ever since we first created Wapple Architect, you could use it to integrate with Wapple Canvas features. In fact, loading a menu built with Canvas onto an Architect site was one of the first operations we ever performed with our fledging new mobile markup language.

But as we’ve improved the Architect schema, one area of documentation we’ve sadly neglected was telling you how to use these advanced Canvas features in your WAPL.

Not any more

We’ve create a new area of documentation with an explanation of how it works – the short version is you create a feature in Canvas (menu / page / poll / etc), grab the ID, and reference that in your WAPL. You then configure all the options you have in canvas through elements and attributes. You’ll find this page on our Canvas Chunks doc.

Also, we’ve added a few pages that tell you how to build FAQs, use Canvas graphics and deliver graphics as wallpapers with the <graphicwallpaperChunk>.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding all the other Canvas feature chunks and of course we’ll keep you up to date of what we’re up to! But if you want to give us a call or get in touch about anything specific, we’d be only too glad to talk to you!

One Response

  1. Shahab says:

    I don’t understand how to do this.

    My two main issues:
    1. No matter what I do, the “Schedule” category on the Menu is not a choice for the mobile menu.
    2. No matter what I do, the Mobile site header image will upload but not show up on my iphone. All I see is a banner placeholder with a blue question mark.
    3. I want my sidebar information to show FIRST before the blog posts.
    4. The Blog Post headlines inside the pages on the iphone show as a hard-to-read grey instead of white or some other such color.

    So I wanted to see how I could manually add these into the files. But I don’t get how I would “grab” the IDs and what file I’d pull up in the plugin editor to add that ID. I’m totally lost.

    Here’s what I’ve been working on: