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Microsoft Tag added to Wapple

If you’ve been using Wapple’s technology for a while, you’ll know that we’ve long had support for 2D barcodes and QR codes.

But we’ve recently integrated with Microsoft to produce another, more visually rich alternative – Microsoft Tag.

Wapple Microsoft Tag Microsoft Tag’s are clusters of coloured triangles that hold encoded data and work exactly the same was as 2D barcodes. If your mobile phone has support natively for barcodes, or if you’ve installed an app to read them, just point your camera at it and it’ll read the data.

We use them inside of Wapple Canvas to store URLs, so you’ll be taken to a mobile site after taking a picture of one, but they can be used to hold other data such as text or vCards. It also gives you another alternative to the black and white 2D or QR codes – so if you wanted to print a colour barcode on a movie poster to take you to the accompanying mobile site, you now have that option.

If you want to read more about Microsoft Tag, check out

We’ve put an example on this page, try scanning it with your mobile phone and let us know what happens.