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Mobile advertising needs more forward mOcean

mOcean MobileAs previously mentioned in this blog, 79% of Google advertisers do not have a mobile-optimised site, a truly remarkable statistic. Throw into the mix the widely accepted fact that there is an 80% bounce rate on websites from mobile and it’s clear that many advertisers who do not optimise for mobile browsers are wasting their mobile ad spend. So the recent launch of Publisher Annex by mobile ad company mOcean Mobile is an important development for mobile advertising.

mOcean’s parent company Mojiva has always pushed for innovation in the mobile sector and Publisher Annex brings together leading mobile web developers, agencies and technology providers such as Wapple to ensure advertisers provide branded, optimised and relevant mobile ads, thus maximising their mobile advertising opportunity. It also means that consumers will experience an engaging mobile ad; one they expect and one they deserve.

While 2011 continues to be the year that mobile finally hit critical mass and Google has played a huge part in accelerating the process, it is strategic innovations by mOcean Mobile that will take mobile advertising to another level. We are delighted to be part of this process and to allow advertising brands maximum return on investment.