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Mobile Should Think Globally, Promote Locally

McDonalds gets a very bad press. While its food is never going to be recommended by Jamie Oliver, it is still a very successful company that is not only a fast food company but also an innovative company.

McDonalds is Mobile FriendlyMcDonalds likes to set up shop in remote areas, then other shops set up around it, then it moves on once the real estate value has improved. It is also imaginative in many other areas including videogames promotion and increasingly location-based mobile services.

Recently it partnered with HopStop in the Manhattan district of New York on a mobile discounting campaign. Every single McDonalds branch was targeted and anybody within a couple of blocks was served with an ad telling them they could get $1 off at that particular location. It proved to be hugely successful.

This approach of engaging consumers with targeted ads works, not just as location service, but a behavioural one as well. We applaud this strategy and this is a case of mobile friendly, not mobile lazy. It is an international brand thinking globally and promoting locally. While McDonalds hamburgers may not be as healthy as they could be, McDonalds mobile attitude is certainly very healthy indeed.