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Multi Language WordPress Mobile Admin

Got a blog not written in English? Want to manage it from your mobile?

When we built WordPress Mobile Admin, we knew that there would be bloggers from all over the world wanting to use it. And because WordPress is multi-lingual, our plugin had to be as well. It made little sense to hard code all the labels and values in English, when someone might want to edit their blog in French, Italian, or Japanese!

These are flags of a few languages that we’ve already seen WordPress Mobile Admin operational in and more are popping up every day. It’s not just available in a couple of languages either, it’s available in every language WordPress is available in. There are 67 official ones so far, but the full list can be found here.

To get WordPress Mobile Admin (and WordPress in general) working with different languages, check out, it’ll really help you along.

And of course, if you are using WordPress Mobile Admin in something other than English, get in touch and let us know!