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Photobucket is…Mobile Friendly

We put this site to our mobile friendly verses mobile lazy test:
Alexa Rank
: 134
Wapple Mobile Friendly Score
: 7/10 (how we calculated score)
Load size: 201.6 kb
Result: Mobile Friendly
Photobucket is Mobile Friendly

What we loved: Presentable, easy to use, strongly branded experience on iPhone and Android.
What we’d love to see improved: Faster loading across all mobile devices and improved styling and layout on Windows and older phones.  There is an assumption that everyone has Android or iPhone, this is not the case as 36% of mobile web traffic is generated by Windows and other OS. By offering a mobile web version for all devices could increase mobile web usage by up to 1/3.

Go mobile and tell us what your experience of PHOTOBUCKET mobile is and cast your vote below…