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Tablets and iPhones are top of wishlists

Continuing our Mobile and Web survey results (survey details and first results here) it seems Tablets are sitting top of peoples device wish lists with iPhones being the smartphone of choice for 50% of our participants.

68% responded that a tablet would be the device they would most like to own next and given that in yesterdays results the tablet is seen by 70% to be a mobile device this opens up numerous opportunities, as well as barriers, for brands presenting content to multiple platforms across the web. The numbers of respondents wishing for a Tablet as opposed to other devices may simply represent that smartphone penetration and pc ownership are still far greater than the Tablet. “Other” in the below chart includes Smart Tv and future inventions!

When asked which Smartphone respondents most wanted to own next, the iPhone took a staggering 50% of votes. The other half of responses were spread fairly evenly between Android and Windows platforms with 13% still undecided and Blackberry scaping a tiny 2%. Given other reports of huge Android growth we’d expected to see it cutting into the iPhone share but as these numbers reflect peoples wishes not actual commitment to purchase, and a common comment regarding smartphone choice was that it would ultimately be one they could afford it could be where iPhone physically lose out. This is good news however for Windows with people clearly recognising the potential of WP7.

As highlighted yesterday this survey was distributed across a tech-savvy group so not entirely representative of the mass populous! Tomi Ahonen released figures today on World SmartPhone Final Numbers 2011 showing actual sales from last year giving Apple a market share of just short of 20%.

Tomorrow we’ll look at what you use it for and how to improve the Mobile Web …